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Skin Tags and Warts

Skin tags

Skin tags are loose skin felt around the anal region. These may occur due to underlying piles/ haemorrhoids, or they may exist on their own. These are often not harmful but may be a source of irritation for some patients. They can affect the proper cleaning of the anus, or cause discomfort when walking or sitting. If patients are bothered by these skin tags, they can have them removed surgically as part of the treatment of the underlying condition (i.e. piles –haemorrhoidectomy) or they can also be excised if there is no other underlying conditions.

Anal warts

Anal warts are lumps around the perianal region caused by a virus and usually transmitted by direct contact, especially moist surfaces. These soft tissue lumps may bleed or cause discomfort. If small and externally, they can be treated with liquid nitrogen or topical liquids by your doctor. If they are larger or more numerous or internal, then minor surgery by our specialist is done to remove them. This is usually done as day surgery and is quite effective.

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